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PadSplit Loans (or co-living)

  • Vacant OR fully occupied and operational
  • 10+ rooms in SFH allowed
  • 75-80%LTV purchase, R/T and C/O refi
  • DSCR allowed down to 0.75
  • Leverage a panel of PadSplit-knowledgeable appraisers
  • Owner is a PadSplit investor with 34 units
  • Qualify using PadSplit market rents
  • No ownership seasoning on C/O refi if rehabbed
  • No prepayment penalty (PPP) w/ buydown options
  • 3yr standard PPP
  • No tax returns, no W2s, No personal income
  • 30yr fixed or interest only (IO) options, no balloons
  • Close in LLC or personal name
  • Nationwide


DSCR Purchase and Refi Loans

  •  Up to 80%LTV purchase, R/T and cash out refinance.
  • Options where mortgage doesn’t report to personal credit
  • No ownership seasoning requirement for cash out refi 
  • Close in LLC or personal name
  • Loans in 45 states
  • “No DSCR” or down to 0.75 DSCR options 
  • 1-20 units+
  • Commercial and mixed-use options
  • DSCR blanket loans for portfolios
  • $125k-$3M+ loan amounts

Short Term Rental Loans (STRs)

  • Use 80% of AirDNA data to qualify for purchase and refi
  • Or use 12 months historical income to qualify
  • Up to 80%LTV on purchases and 75%LTV refi
  • $125k-$3M+ loan amounts
  • Lending nationwide
  • Does not need to be AirBnB/VRBO, any model that is rent by the day, week, month, etc.

Hard Money, BRRRR, or FixNFlip Loans

  • Up to 90%LTC/ 75%LTARV (14 day close)
  • Or close in as little as 3-5 days (70-85%LTC)
  • No appraisal options
  • $100k-$3M+ loan amounts
  • 100% rehab, paid on draws, $200/draw
  • Nationwide

(Home Equity Loans)

  • Carry a 2nd lien using a DSCR loan
  • Up to 75%CLTV (combined 1st lien + 2nd lien max 75%LTV)
  • DSCR of 1.0 required
  • NOT HELOC, 30yr fixed rate and fixed payment loans
  • Fund in LLC
  • No income, no tax returns, no W2s required

About Us

Our Story

Remote Lendr was born from a series of failed businesses and a strong desire to try and live a life my wife and I fully enjoy, even if we struggle on the way to building it. Even if it felt like taking 100 steps backwards to start on a different path altogether. Our lending and investor journey started in 2020 when it felt there weren’t enough lenders who actually invested and understood our problems. Starting in 2023, we’ve already closed loans for our clients in over 10 states, continuing to serve the investor community through out the U.S. 

Our Mission

Simple idea – to make the loan process a strategy to building your investment portfolio, be transparent with fees early, and be responsive through out the week.

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Highly recommend, Javier provided great detail on how to avoid paying taxes.
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Get In Touch

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or need more information.

Get In Touch

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or need more information.

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